What can wire do, make or say when it bends?

In the last two weeks, we have been exploring wire in a number of the classrooms.  Children have learned basic joining and shaping techniques while telling “stories” with the wire.  I have enjoyed hearing conversations jump back and forth between storytelling and telling the story of the language of wire.  Here is one clear example from Gilliatte:

Latisse: Why are you taking these pictures? Show me.

Ms. Elizabeth: I took a picture of Antonio very carefully sliding his bead down the wire.

Latisse: Oh.  Do it again, Antonio.  Let me watch.

Ms. Elizabeth: I took a picture of the strategy he was using to make sure the bead didn’t fall off.  I took a picture of the strategy you used to pick up the beads.

Latisse: You mean with this tool? I did have a good strategy with that!

Wire provocation

adding beads making shapes  wire sculpture

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Studio Update 1/12-16


Students from Kathryn’s and Juliana’s classes took a trip to the IMA to see examples of contour drawings and self-portraits.  In preparation for this visit, we began learning about contour drawings and how they help artists to see the lines and shapes of objects.  Next week, we will follow up our visit to the IMA by working on self-portraits using contour as a technique.


In Kyle’s class we began a similar study of contour drawings and began making self-portraits using pencil and black acrylic paint.  Next week we will add watercolors to our portraits.

In Marcy’s class, we drew designs on laminate for a room divider that will hang from the ceiling.  Next week, we will begin our next construction project by tackling a free-standing room divider.


In Lauren’s class, we worked on brush technique and gradient using watercolors in response to the prompt: What stories can you tell with a brush?

In Kissiey’s class, we responded to the prompt: How does a design or pattern get on your clothes? We experimented with different ways to decorate fabric.

In Brandi’s class, we began looking at another way to tell stories using a story box.  We painted pieces to add to the box and explored ways our paintbrush can help us to tell different stories.

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