Switching Roles

We switched roles with our reading buddies in the afternoon class.   Instead of going upstairs to listen to our buddies read to us, we invited our buddies to our classroom so we could read to them.   We spent 2 weeks practicing how to be good readers by looking at the pictures, saying what is happening on the page, thinking about what the characters are saying or how they might be feeling.   Additionally, we practiced taking care of books and book handling skills by turning the pages carefully front to back.   We even learned that good readers talk about a story after they read.   So, we practiced talking to each other and sharing our favorite part of the stories.   After all this practice, it was finally time for our buddies to come and listen to us read.   These photos capture the confidence the children displayed as they took the lead role in reading.   It was certainly a proud teacher moment!

DSC_1066.JPG   DSC_1070.JPG   DSC_1072.JPG