The Beginnings of 'Building'

The children of room 2 at the Thompson building are in the early stages of a ‘building’ project. For this, we opened up discussions about different buildings that the children were familiar with, how they might have been built, and who might have built them. We also briefly got into a discussion about how other things must be built as well, not just houses or buildings. In support of these discussions, the children were provided with a large surface in order to remember and draw different buildings or structures that they were familiar with. Their drawings will be re-visited as they grow in their work, hopefully leading to more discussions about design, blueprints, and a growing comprehension of the subject matter!


How are things built?

Samari: From God.

Jhari: With glue.

April: The paper at my house.

Samari: You know who builds the house?... Construction workers!


Samantha: Do they only build houses?

Samari: No, they build lots of stuff. My house is made of bricks.

Zion: Be a big city.

April: A house.

David: I know who made your own house… your mom and dad. My mom and dad built our house 2 years ago so it’s really old.


Layani: My house is made of bricks.


Ryan: Last year, I built a ford car by using my old tires. I just used my curves to hold it up.

Angel: My home and the car and the rocks.


Ryan: I made my dojo.


Ryan: *Drawing* So, follow me. So, you have to do the dots. They help me make designs. The writing helps you know how to do it.

beginning1.jpg beginning2.jpg

beginning3.jpg beginning5.jpg