The Color of Music... What song are you painting?

The children of room 5 at the Gilliate building and room 3 at the Thompson building have been discussing music and in particular, drums. In support of these investigations, a provocation was designed with the intention of combining artistic ideals. Pages of sheet music were introduced and discussed with most of the children noticing how the notes sat along a series of lines (staff/stave). With both groups, sheets of water color paper with added staves were arranged intentionally so that the children could paint in a linear way WITH music. The Gilliate children were given actual drumsticks that they dipped in paint and used to create their own version of sheet music. In doing so, peers were asked to sing their favorite songs while their friends tried their hand at drumming along the staves to the rhythm of each song. The Thompson group’s provocation was set up in a similar fashion, but with staves arranged in a non-linear, more abstract way. This time, different tools were provided and instrumental music was played for the children to paint to. This led to more movement (and a lot of dancing!) as they worked around the painting!!!

 DSC_0735.JPG DSCN5337.JPG 

Gilliate Room 5 Quotes: Before our activity…

How do you make a song?

McKenzie: I hear Kevin Gates.

Kevin: Yeah, he uses this (makes horn noise).

Ariana: If you use the sticks and go sideways so you can hit the side right here and hit the other side too.



Tim: At my house we don’t got no paint when I play the drums.

Nakai: It makes a music sound!

Alysa: I did the drums like you do.

Tim: I’m painting with the song. They don’t beat at the church with the paint.


What song are you painting?

Tim: That one we do at church!

Kevin: Ya’ll painted music with ya’ll writing!

Aviel: Yeah, she’s music’n!


Thompson Room 3 Quotes:

Can you paint the song?

Jasper: Yeah, mine’s like let it go, let it go… can’t hold it back anymore!

Chloe: It’s music. It goes A,B,C…

La’Mya: I can dance and paint. I painted *ch, ch, ch, ch, ch*.

Chloe: Yeah, it’s like… (beatboxes).