Thinking Colorfully!

Today, groups from rooms 5 and 6 at the Gilliate building were invited to the studio. Here, they were introduced to a new provocation of colored Jenga blocks with corresponding colored pencils. These were presented on a black board in order to generate contrast and hopefully, some conversation as well. The intentionality of such an activity is of course partially rooted to development in the arts. However, it is important to recognize the potentially extensive cognitive development that can go hand in hand. Through observing their interactions with the materials and one another, we gain valuable information about each child. We can then use what we see to pinpoint areas of interest, strength, and need. When all of this happens in a separate space such as the atelier, students and teachers can make valuable connections to their classrooms, often inspiring extended thinking, new provocations, or even project work!


Brandon: Now it red.

Jaire: *successfully identifies the colors of all the blocks*


Genesis: I did it… a shape! It’s a triangle (she had created a rectangle).


Alaya: Look what I made. A building!


Genesis: I’m going to make a shape like this with colors.


Samuel: *picks up a blue block* Red! *I correct him and he in turn corrects himself… happens with multiple colors*


Kaden: I’m gonna draw my mom. I made her in my building. Mr. Bryan, I’m gonna make my chair.


Samuel: Can I have a pencil?

Kaden: No, I had it first.


Kaden: *holding a green colored pencil* Green! Mr. Bryan, I’m the Green Ranger!

Brandon: I’m the Red Ranger so can I have the red one? *Sammy hands it over* Thanks!


Rosie: *holding yellow colored pencils* Ummm, yellow! It’s my mom!


Samaria: I’m using pink because I love pink. I’ma use the green too! Do you have all the colors because it doesn’t look like it?


Kayley: I’m making a piano. I have blue, green, yellow, pink, purple (points and gives color names accurately).


Sadik: I’m using red for make my shirt has Spiderman like that. I don’t want to make Spiderman… I want to make my family.


Heather: I made a red (shows me a blue block).


Samaria: It’s a window. A window on top of another window.

Sadik: I want to help you!


Kayley: I made a bunk bed. I made a BIG bunk bed!


Rosie: I made Casa. Heather help me.

 blocks1.jpg blocks2.jpg blocks3.jpg blocks4.jpg blocks5.jpg blocks6.jpg blocks7.jpg