As we were playing outside the students found a caterpillar and it sparked lots of conversation. We decided to bring it in for closer inspection and so we can watch it make it's transformation into a beautiful butterfly. 


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Clay Fish

We made clay fish!

Eloise: This ones Taco, and that ones Burrito (looking at two photos of fish and naming them). This is all of its tail. These are his fins on the side. This is his blue body. This is his mouth. This is its eyes.

Tasha: (naming her fish) Fishy Dee-Dee!!!


Zack’s Process…

I made the body and the head. And then I made a happy face on it with the fins and made them flat on the body. I put them on the body next. Then the scales on it by using that pencil. Then we will have to paint it green.

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Collaborations in the Studio

While in the studio, the students discussed some of their current interests. They gathered recycled materials and began constructing houses with flower gardens for butterflies. Stemming from their interests in butterflies, they created environments with grass and flowers. It was great to see how their creativity and interests come together to produce works of art!




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Hermit Crab Investigations

The children of Room 1 at our Thompson building are beginning their investigations of hermit crabs. Today, we did some initial observational drawings while paying close attention to their physical characteristics. The children were especially curious about the hermit crabs' pinchers and how they are quick to hide when there were any sudden movements. We look forward to where our studies take us next and seeing all that the children learn during this investigation. 



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Butterfly Transformations

The children of Room 1 in the Thompson Building are beginning their exploration of caterpillars and their transformation into butterflies. Students captured caterpillars from outside and are watching them closely within the classrooms. Today, Room 1 observed live caterpillars and chrysalises and then re-created them using clay. Though they are still in the early stages of their investigations, the children are already demonstrating great interest and knowledge!




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Explorations in Room 1

Children were able to visit the studio and explore the materials freely this week. The magnifying glasses proved to be quite a popular choice for the children who used them to explore the space and get a much closer look at just about everything! The group also worked together in coming up with ideas of how to use various small manipulatives. While they were working and exploring, we were also able to discuss the importance of sharing and taking turns. 



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This week has  been dedicated to introducing children to the classroom.  While exploring the room children found a light table with assorted light materials.  The next day we set up a provocation on the table that included, colored panels, the story “How to make a Rainbow.”  A group of children explored  ways to make a rainbow using the primary colors (red, yellow, blue).


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Mixing Mediums... Natural Materials & Paint

Today, a group of children from the Thompson building helped with a large painting to be displayed at an event for SMCC! After they were finished, most decided to work with a provocation of natural materials inspired by the works of a now familiar artist. Through conversation, some really neat connections were made between peers and the spaces they had each occupied for their explorations!!!


Arianna: Look at my lines!

Kaden: I made the water (while pouring blue paint)!

Finley: Yeah… it’s the lake!!!

Kaden: Oh no! The lava went in my water and it got hot (a friend’s red paint begins to run into his blue)!


Kaden: It just gets hot.

Finley: The rocks are moving!


Finley: Because the lava is hot! See, I put more lava right here!

mixingmediums1.jpg mixingmediums2.jpg mixingmediums3.jpg mixingmediums4.jpg mixingmediums5.jpg 

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Canal is Orange

On Friday, we were able to walk to the canal. We watched them dye the water orange for the hurricane relief. We were also able to meet and shake hands with the Mayor. 

IMG_1492.jpg IMG_1494.jpg IMG_1496.jpg

IMG_1514.jpg IMG_1516.jpg IMG_1526.jpg

IMG_1535.jpg IMG_1536.jpg IMG_1537.jpg


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Dark Room: Conversations and Taking Investigations Further

Today, the children of room 1 at the Thompson building continued to investigate light… an interest born in the studio and fostered through continued classroom investigations. We entered a dark, almost pitch black room… where the children were quick to notice just how dark it was. They were provided flashlights to explore the room and the materials within. Conversation and collaboration were prevalent, as the children were eager to discuss their findings and the educators worked together to capture each moment! The following are the children’s conversations as they investigated the dark room.


Mal: We’re bigger… ‘cause it’s dark in here.

Micah: It’s dark in here.

Mal: Can everyone turn the lights off? I like the dark.


Mal: My feet are bigger.


Mal: ‘Cause of my shadow.

What’s that? Why?

Mal: It’s us.

Finley: It’s a circle!


Mal: I made purple… I turned the light on and put it right there and then it shined.

Finley: I don’t like the dark ‘cause she turned it off. I want all the colors!

Tony: It’s dark because we need the flashlight.

Kyren: No, ‘cause it’s hot… we need to blow it out.

What is hot?

Kyren: When you turn it on it bubbles. It’s gonna burn me. You see?!

Micah: Look, Ms. Juliana… I made pink!

Finley: That’s not pink… that’s purple.


Micah: Close your eyes.


Mic: ‘Cause you need to turn off your flashlight!

Kyren: Close your flashlight.


Arianna: I can see your shadow! Now I see yours Ms. Juliana.

You can?

Arianna: Yeah, now you make my shadow! You can when you shine the light!


20170831_091124.jpg 20170831_091407.jpg 20170831_091704_019.jpg

20170831_092801.jpg 20170831_092935.jpg 20170831_093214_007.jpg

20170831_093412.jpg 20170831_093511.jpg 20170831_095039.jpg

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