Treasure Maps

Our class has been interested in maps ever since Austin found a "treasure map" on our canal walk last week! They have been looking for "clues" and noticing signs to point us in the right directions! 

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Dog Jobs

Room 1 has been investigating jobs that dogs have. We had a visit from a therapy dog named Cole, an 85lb Labrador Retriever from Love on a Leash!

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TJ’s Dog House

It’s a cage. I need more doors so they don’t escape. They play in there. They don’t share toys. I took the ball away from one dog and gave it to another. I put this door here and this one here.


Miss, Shara, it’s longer! They happy. They like their new dog house. Let’s put this here so the dogs can slide down. This is the biggest dog house I ever got!


I made a hole for them so they can get out and get in. So they can pee!


This is the coolest thing ever!

(Jerry brings a few toy people over)
They can pay for some [dogs]. $3 please!


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Doggy Daycare

After a few of the children shared their experiences at Indy Hound, TJ and Christopher chose to build a doggy day care of their own.


They love it! They love their dog house. But they want a toy. This is gonna be so funny. (TJ)
Don’t get out doggy! (Christopher)
This is day care. They can walk by they own self. (TJ)


“Wahhh. I want my mommy!” It’s okay doggy. (TJ)
This is your toy. (Christopher)
They babies. They need to have toys. “Woof!” (TJ)
Miss Shara, the doggy’s hiding from us! (TJ)
This is his bone! (TJ)
FIRE FIRE! Miss Shara, I need a fire dog! This is the police doggies. We have to put out the fire and take people to jail. We need to build a fire station! (TJ)


WOOO WOO. It’s a fire truck! (Christopher)


My fire dogs is on my fire truck! (TJ)

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Children in Room 1 are using various manipulatives to explore and build number sense!

 IMG_2488_1_.JPG IMG_2494_1_.JPG

IMG_2536_1_.JPG IMG_2544_1_.JPG

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Curiosity About Dogs

Room 1 took a field trip to Indy Hound last week to pursue our curiosities about dogs!

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IMG_3333.JPG IMG_3336.JPG IMG_3339.JPG

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Doggy Stuff Still Life

The children of room 1 at the Thompson building have gotten a running start into their investigations of all things dog! To support these curiosities, a still-life of different doggy items were arranged to provoke observational drawing and discussion.


What do we have here?

Aviel: I see a doggy (observes picture on a bag of treats)!

Geo: I made the doll (toy), the doggy treat cup (dog bowl), and the ball, and this, and that food!

Austin: Bone. And dog, and dog’s mouth and his nose.

Aviel: I made the doggy and the bone and his bed and the ball.

Zeke: I made the ball and I made the food. And I made this too (bed).

Chris: A toy to play with.

TJ: For dogs.

Chris: ‘Cuz they don’t have toys.

TJ: They do too have toys!

Chris: No, like these ones!

Kay’Lyn: They play.

TJ: They eat like us and drink water.

Kay’Lyn: They have this food so they need to eat.

Shawnyee: Got dog treats and rubber bands.

Samari: Yeah, and a ball and this doggy bed.

Aiden: Doggy food too!

Aiden: This (leash) is so people can hold doggies.

Samari: Yeah, it’s a belt.

Aiden: So they don’t get lost.

Shawnyee: And this (bed) so they can take rest and get some sleep.

Samari: I eat doggy stuff. It taste like Roofus(?).


Why do dogs need these things?

Zeke: ‘Cuz they need to eat and catch balls.

Austin: They play and they eat.

Geo: My dog Luna likes them. She’s up in heaven. She was tired and she was walking and she went out the door and her legs were tired and so she fell down and a car ran her over.





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Dogs and Numbers

Number and dogs are the topics of conversation within our classroom. Some students chose to do observational drawings in the Atelier as part of our project work on dogs. While others chose to work on numeracy with tens frames and loose parts. Everyone had a good time though!

 IMG_2011_1_.JPG IMG_2012_1_.JPG IMG_2013_1_.JPG

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New Dog

Thomas got a new dog over Thanksgiving break and it got us discussing different dogs! We wondered if dogs had feelings, and enjoyed looking at photos of some of our own dogs. We looked at some famous dog paintings, including "Blue Dog" by American artist George Rodrigue.

IMG_1839_1_.JPG IMG_1851_1_.JPG IMG_1865_1_.JPG

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Exploring the Canal

Today, a group of children from room 1 at the Thompson building went out to explore surrounding areas of their community. The children were given the opportunity to lead the way along the canal, through neighboring communities, and onto the people mover! We discussed all of our findings as we explored. In one instance, the children noticed the moving reflection of the water on the underside of a bridge. This was particularly interesting as they had recently investigated reflections, shadows, and other effects of light. It was clear a connection had been made as the children were very knowledgeable as to how the reflection was being made!     

The reflection on the underpass…

Shawnyee: Black and grey and white ‘cuz the water is moving.

Christopher: It’s shiny and it goes under there.

Geovany: Because the sun makin’ the water move and make the light go up there!

Mal: The sun made it.


The bridge…

Shawnyee: We can see the ducks from up here.

Geovany: It is so we don’t fall in the water!


Empty fountain…

Shawnyee: Just a little water left. It don’t got no batteries.

Mal: The hole right there. That’s where the water at. The plugs out right here!

Geovany: Yeah! It makes the water go out of it.


Monument: The Final Sailing

Geovany: *reads* C, A, plus 35.

Mal: It’s here ‘cuz they rided in the water.

Chris: The jumped up there and put the picture!

Shawnyee: Yeah, to put the boat on it.


Murals/Wall Art…

Geovany: A person who works here is painting them.

Shawnyee: They used paintbrushes.

Mal: They did so people can see.

Shawnyee: Did they use big papers?

Geovany: Maybe they put a big, giant paper and stick it with glue.

Christopher: For the ducks want to see it!


The People Mover…

Geovany: How are we gonna get up there?

Shawnyee: The elevator!

You’re right!

Geovany: Yeah! It makes us get up there so we can get on the train. It’s gonna open so we can get up there.

Mal: It’s coming in a minute. It’s all the way to town!

Mal: Nobody’s drivin’?

Shawnyee: But it’s gonna go?

Geovany: Houses and streets and trees and dirt!

Mal: I see the workin’ trucks by the dirt and the guy workin’ on the house.

Geovany: This is the stop!

Christopher: This is where the police at.

Mal: Now somebody drivin’ us back there for no reason!


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