Story Telling

We have been working as a class on our story telling.  A few of the children were in the block area and built a castle out of the blocks and some of the other objects in the block area.  The children told a story about the castle and all of the people that take care of the castle and why they live there. 

SDC10106.JPG   SDC10116.JPG   SDC10124.JPG

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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

This week the children came back to school very excited for Christmas.  In order to match their Christmas spirit we have already started reading Christmas themed books and singing Christmas carols.  They have been really interested in building with different materials, we introduced gum drops and toothpicks.  They really enjoyed making a variety of gum drop creations to include Violets window and Dominique’s watch.  This was great fine motor development and an introduction to math skills.  We will be introducing more unconventional building materials. 

dominique_gum_drops_1.JPG   violet_gum_drops_1.JPG

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Building Letters

In Room 1 this week we have used building materials to make letters and we had a ton of fun with bubbles, inside and out!

9.3.15__2.JPG   9.3.15__3.JPG   9.3.15.jpg

9.4.15_2.JPG   9.4.15__3.JPG   9.4.15__4.JPG

9.4.15__5.JPG   9.4.15.JPG


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Ms. Kayli

Last week, Room 1 welcomed a new teacher! Ms. Kayli is excited to be a part of the class. She is happy to be back home again in Indiana after traveling to over 20 states, including Hawaii! She hopes to share her love of the outdoors with the children in Room 1. We look forward to having her around and working together as a team.
Pictured from left to right are the Room 1 teachers:  Ms. Kayli, Ms. Megan, and Ms. Elizabeth.
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Family Day

Last week in Room 1, the children were thrilled to host our families for Family Day! We made many birdfeeders using the pinecones we collected from our walks, some of the birdseed that we have been putting outside, and sunflower seed butter. We would like to thank all of you for coming and making it a wonderful day!

DSC00432.JPG   DSC00437.JPG   DSC00439.JPG

DSC00445.JPG   DSC00450.JPG


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Preparing the Planters

The children in Room 1 have been working hard to prepare planters for their flower seeds. They weeded the planters, filled them with dirt, and voted on which flowers they would plant. Now they are having fun watering and waiting for our flowers to grow.

image001.jpg   image002.jpg

image003.jpg   image004.jpg


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Mr. Antonio

Mr. Antonio  is filling in for Ms. Lauren while she is on maternity leave. This is his first week with St. Mary’s, and the children have been very excited to get to know him.
He moved to Indianapolis last month from Croatia, where he was playing basketball on the team “KK Velika Gorica”.
He is taking classes for Health and Physical Science. He hopes to be a positive role model for the children at St. Mary’s, and make a big impact on the lives of our children. 
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The children in Thompson Room 1 are excited about birds. The bird miniatures have traveled to every section of the room to build houses, swim, and eat. This week the children discussed what birds eat and what they use to build their nests. We have been exploring birdseed in the sensory table, collecting nesting materials, and gathering books about birds. The children in the afternoon class decided that the birds would eat the seeds from the sensory table, so earlier this week we filled the birdfeeder that sits outside our classroom window. The children also used the nesting materials they collected to make nests in the classroom. We are looking forward to watching the birds and visiting the nesting duck at the Gilliate Building.

bird_eating.JPG   bird_feeder.JPG   birdfeeder.JPG

IMG_0667.JPG   IMG_0680.JPG   IMG_0683.JPG


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Baby Rowan

Miss Lauren and her family welcomed  baby Roman to the world  on Friday, March 27! He was 9 pounds and 8 ounces! She said he is a very happy and healthy baby, and Marriah is a great big sister. Miss Lauren has also said that she misses all her friends in Room 1, so maybe we will see her and Roman before the year ends.

The kids have been asking about Miss Lauren, and when we told them that she had the baby they asked if they could give him something. We now have a  secret project in the works for baby Roman.



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