Room 2 is investigating rocks! After washing rocks during a provocation, students in Room 2 became very curious about where rocks come from and where to find them. Students have been using the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy to create rock sculptures, discovering ways to crack geodes open, going on rock adventures to find more rocks, bringing rocks from home, making rock faces and creating a rock museum.


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2020 is Well Underway

Room 2 was so excited to be back after our holiday break! We have been enjoying spending time with our friends and working with all the tools in our busy classroom. 

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Christmas in the Classrooms

Room two has been getting in the Christmas spirit! We decorated our classroom tree with pine cone and photo ornaments and have practiced singing Jingle Bells reading Christmas stories. We have worked Christmas into almost all areas of our classroom. We wish all of you Happy Holidays! 


“This is Santa’s house. I made a slide so he could get down.” -Beautiful 




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Room 2's Family Day

Room 2 celebrated the end of their butterfly studies by inviting families for an afternoon picnic for their release back into the wild. The families came and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with their children and were able to see how much their children learned during their studies. The children loved being able to share their knowledge with parents! 



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Butterfly Studies

Room 2 joins the Butterfly Craze! Last week Sydney found two Monarch caterpillars on the playground. We decided to bring them in to see what they might turn into. This has led to many great research topics such as:

“Where did the mom go?“

“Do they have eyes?“

“Do they sleep?“

 We have been using books, videos and our observation skills to answer these questions. We have been busy drawing and painting what we see and how they change, feeding them,making caterpillars from slime as well as walking through our neighborhood to find butterflies and the plants they like to eat. Hopefully we will have a chrysalis soon!



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New Students in Room 2!

Room Two has been incredibly busy this week building connections with our new friends while establishing our identity and presence in our new space. We have created name rocks that help us show who is here each day and have been working so hard on the art pieces for our Identity Board. These amazing pieces were created with oil pastels, lots of glitter and personal self-portraits. Our identity board showcases our unique personalities and individuality as well as making our images and work the main focus of our space. We are excited for what the year has in store for us!


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Planting Flowers

Room 2 Thompson had their families come in on May 16th to help plant flowers in the garden box in the field. Each child got to plant their own marigold and they also planted a lavender plant and some dusty miller.

 thompsonflower.jpg thompsonflower3.jpg thonpsonflower2.jpg

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Chickens and Eggs!

Room Two has been investigating eggs! After a provocation with a large mysterious egg, we have been researching what else can hatch from eggs.  We have made scrambled eggs, yarn eggs, and even had chickens visit our room!  We now have questions about reptiles that come out of eggs. Maybe we can get an alligator to visit!

“There’s somebody in the egg.” - Zion

“There’s something in there! His eyes are open, but he can’t move because he’s in there.” - Abrielle

“I draw the nest, I see a face.” - Marvin

“I see a lot of eggs.” - Cory



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'Building' Project!

Room 2 “building” activity: Children use ideas from a storybook containing blueprints in coming up with their home designs and decorations…


David: I’m drawing the remote.

What for?

David: …The T.V.


Monte: 40 inchers long (using the ruler).


Say-Say: It’s a bridge.


What is in your house?


Monte: A couch and a police car… I can only draw a lot of things when I am 5 years old!

August: I’m making a house. Now, I’m making a road.

building1.jpg building2.jpg

building3.jpg building4.jpg

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The Beginnings of 'Building'

The children of room 2 at the Thompson building are in the early stages of a ‘building’ project. For this, we opened up discussions about different buildings that the children were familiar with, how they might have been built, and who might have built them. We also briefly got into a discussion about how other things must be built as well, not just houses or buildings. In support of these discussions, the children were provided with a large surface in order to remember and draw different buildings or structures that they were familiar with. Their drawings will be re-visited as they grow in their work, hopefully leading to more discussions about design, blueprints, and a growing comprehension of the subject matter!


How are things built?

Samari: From God.

Jhari: With glue.

April: The paper at my house.

Samari: You know who builds the house?... Construction workers!


Samantha: Do they only build houses?

Samari: No, they build lots of stuff. My house is made of bricks.

Zion: Be a big city.

April: A house.

David: I know who made your own house… your mom and dad. My mom and dad built our house 2 years ago so it’s really old.


Layani: My house is made of bricks.


Ryan: Last year, I built a ford car by using my old tires. I just used my curves to hold it up.

Angel: My home and the car and the rocks.


Ryan: I made my dojo.


Ryan: *Drawing* So, follow me. So, you have to do the dots. They help me make designs. The writing helps you know how to do it.

beginning1.jpg beginning2.jpg

beginning3.jpg beginning5.jpg


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