Building Expert

To go along with our building project, the students in Room Two had a Q & A session with our building expert, Mr. Stephen. Mr. Stephen is Ms. Sarah's husband who enjoys building in his spare time. The children prepared for the meeting by discussing what we would like to build with Mr. Stephen and then we voted as a class. The winning vote was to build a wooden playhouse for our block area. The children have been busy making design plans for their playhouses and we had a discussion with Mr. Stephen on what materials we would need and how to incorporate our designs. Later this week we start building! Stay tuned...


 IMG_4795.JPG IMG_4804.JPG 

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Collaborating with Architects

To go along with our building project, the children in Room Two have been collaborating with architects to build a tiny library for the Indianapolis community. We have been busy making our own sketches and discussing various materials we would like to use to build the tiny library. We've used tiles, wood panels, and gems to construct models. The architect team then took our ideas and plugged them into a computer design program for us to see a digital image of what the final product will look like. We are very excited to start building our tiny library!

IMG_4624.JPG IMG_4666.JPG IMG_4675.jpg

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Tiny Library

The children of room 2 at the Thompson building have been studying construction and tools. With this, they have begun to explore the construction of “tiny libraries” throughout their community. Miniature libraries such as these allow freedom for people, especially children, in the community to borrow, replace, and add new literature for others to experience. This makes for a new, exciting, ever changing experience for those involving themselves with the libraries! In support of all of this, children were presented with a multi-media provocation with the intention of using learned knowledge to design and visualize what our own tiny library would look like. Water color, pastel, drawing pen, and photography were all used in this collaborative effort.





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A Hammer

Room Two is still investigating and exploring construction. We found a broken chair in the building and wondered what we could use to fix it. Answers included: "A hammer.", "A screw driver to screw things.", and " a lot of tools and a hammer so we can sit on it again."  We were able to test out our theories by using real tools such as screw drivers, hammers, and screws to help fix it. The children collaborated together to fix the chair and it is now back in the classroom ready for use! 

IMG_4516.JPG IMG_4524.JPG IMG_4526.JPG

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Construction Site Machines and Tools

The children in Room Two at Thompson have continued to work on the building project. They have started to show interest in the machines and tools used at construction sites. We have visited construction sites to watch the workers build, worked with tools on our own and created some observational drawings of machines.

 IMG_1531.jpg IMG_2024.JPG

IMG_1533.jpg IMG_1604.jpg

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Drafting Leads to Design!

The children of room 2 at the Thompson building have been doing some work with drafting, design, and construction. In support of this, we took to the studio to build our own structure from recycled materials. Different groups of children rotated in and out and by the end, we had a gym/fighting place/bank/police station/zoo/gas station house! What an interesting building!!!


Eduardo: We’re gonna build a fighting place or a hospital.

Centaurion: We build it with construction.

Eduardo: We need another door so the robbers can’t get in because it might be a bank.

Ryan: These are the benches.


Jace: It’s a house. We need stairs.

‘Dre: We need to make handles for our hands by the door.

‘Dre: Can we make a swinger sowe can build it and swing in the house?

Aiden: This is the roof!

‘Dre: Yeah! So it don’t rain in the house.

Aiden: And so the monsters don’t break in.

‘Dre: We need people in there. Zoo workers and police go in. Then we need a garage!


Kayla: It’s a gas station! These the gas and it pumps out from here.

Sariah: Like you put the bridge and pull the string off to make it start.

Kayla: You put the boat in there and you park it and then they go inside and go to bed.

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Building and Construction

The children in Room Two have shown an interest in building and construction. We've taken walks around our community to observe construction sites and watch the machines. Recently we rode the people mover and did some observational drawings of the buildings we could see from the windows.

IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1950.JPG 

IMG_1954.JPG IMG_1955.JPG

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Ways to Paint

The children in Room Two have enjoyed exploring a different way of painting. We used a simple machine called an incline plane. The children used a marble to move paint with force in a shallow tray. They created movement by tipping the tray into an incline position and the marble rolled through the paint and created designs on their paper.

IMG_1841.JPG IMG_1846.JPG

IMG_1847.JPG IMG_1855.JPG

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Ocean Life

Room Two has expressed an interest in bodies of water. We have particularly been looking at the ocean and all the different things that are a part of ocean life. We've investigated different things that live in the ocean such as dolphins, whales and sharks. The children were able to create their own ocean scenes using a variety of materials. Seashells were explored in detail and the children were able to make their own observational drawings. They've even built oceans with blocks for all the sea life creatures.

IMG_1681.JPG IMG_1691.JPG 


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Growing Seeds

This week we are wrapping up our plant investigations. The children have explored many different aspects of a plant from the seed to the root to the stem and the petals. The children in Room Two wanted to try and grow something on their own. We chose grass seed and the children planted seeds in small pots and were responsible for watering the pots daily. After a week, we saw a lot of growth! We have been measuring our grass with rulers everyday to see how much they've grown. We have had so much fun learning all about plants!​

 8-26_3.jpg 8-26_4.jpg 8-26.jpg

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