Plant Investigation

Room Two at Thompson has continued their investigations of plants. We took a stroll to the canal today to look at the different plants and document our findings. The children enjoyed seeing a variety of colors in the flowers. One child said, "This flower has lots of pink petals." While another child said, "All these plants came from seeds!" The children were able to draw their observations and we shared our work with each other.​

 8-22_2.jpg 8-22_3.jpg8-22.jpg



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Growing Grass

Our friends in Room Two have really been into planting lately. They wondered if we could grow grass, so yesterday we planted some grass seed and over the next couple weeks we will be investing our observations. Here are a few photos:

8-16_2.jpg 8-16_3.jpg 8-16.jpg

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Busy Start to the Year

The year is off to a busy start! We made play doh, sang songs and read stories. We've also built dog houses with blocks and painted! Getting to know the children while they learn has made this a great start to the year!


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Feel the Rhythm

Room two has been bit by the rhythm of music. We are currently exploring different instruments and the sounds the create. We hope to visit with a local band and welcome musicians to visit our class.

DSC_0348.JPG   DSC_0353.JPG   DSC_0355.JPG

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This week we have been transitioning into new explorations. With the help of the warmer weather we decided to explore the canal and see what we could find.
Its green! – Eduardo
Maybe they put salt in it – Jace
Maybe they put green stuff in it – Kenya
IMG_7156.JPG   IMG_7173.JPG   IMG_7176.JPG


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Basketball cont...

We are wrapping up our basketball project and transitioning into a new exploration. The student enjoyed their trip to the local basketball court and practiced their skills with a little help from their teachers. We still hope to visit Bankers Life soon.

DSC_0054.JPG   DSC_0068.JPG   DSC_0075.JPG

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The students in room two are currently working on a basketball project. Last week the students created a basketball hoop in order to practice their skills.  Today the students worked to create a half court inside of our meeting area. Our days are field with discussion about sportsmanship, game rules, jersey numbers, and shooting hoops.

DSC_0568.JPG   DSC_0585.JPG


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New Year, New Investigation

With the new year we decided it was time for a new investigation. The students in room two have shown interest in basketball and have created a list of questions that they want to have answered. We will be taking a trip to the library in order to gather books on the subject so that we can further our understanding of the sport.

IMG_4866.JPG   Web.jpg

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A Visit from the Pilots

We had a wonderful visit from the pilots on Friday. The students enjoyed listening to stories and pretending to fly around the classroom. We are very thankful to have such amazing donors that support us and our students.

pilotes_3.JPG   pilots1.JPG

pilots2.JPG   Pilots.JPG

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Creating Art as a Class

The students in room two have been working on their art piece for the Night of Miracles auction. The students discussed who they think might buy it and how they can create their work.
We should make a flower, flowers are pretty- Lucy
It’s a circle. It needs to be yellow – Aaliyah
The yellow is honey. That’s where honey comes from – Jace
We need to use this color. My sister likes blue,  the petal needs to be an oval – Aaliyah
5.JPG   IMG_2848.JPG   IMG_2849.JPG1.JPG
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