Outdoor Classroom

The students in room two are enjoying their outdoor classrooms. Many of the students have been exploring materials and how they can use them to create new things. We have also been reorganizing our outside spaces to create areas of interest.
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Friday Explorations

We decided to explore our Community on Friday.  We visited the war memorial, spoke with some friendly officers, explored a radio room, and cheered on a group of bikers headed to Washington. It was a wonderful day for our class.

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Planning our Butterfly Garden

The students in Room 2 have been working on preparing an area to create a butterfly garden.  The students pulled weeds, smoothed out the area and placed walking stones and a bench to create an observation area. We have also planted wildflowers that have been know to attract butterflies and will be receiving our own caterpillars within the next week.

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Exploring Light & Shadows

Last month the students became excited when they noticed different shadows appearing through the classroom windows. We decided to pursue this interest and explore different forms of light and the shadows that can be created. This week we brought in a projector, and it didn’t take long before the students were operating it independently.

That’s the light—Ghassan

Look, look its me, I think that’s a mirror and it puts it up there—Mohammad

(nob on side) moves the light, its hot—Gavyn

It make it go down and up—Mohammad

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Thompson Room 2 Blog

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Science Lab

Today our class became an active science lab. The students explored water, baking soda, corn starch , water, and vinegar to see what reactions would develop.

“I make that. WOW! Ta-da its green! -Erick

“Look bubbles, look!” -Kenya

“I want it to bubble so I put this in here and that. I used the vinegar and dumped it into the baking soda then it popped like a cup cake.” -Winter

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While playing outside last week, a student discovered a small magnet and shares it with the class. The students have been exploring different items in and around the classroom to see what is and what is not magnetic.

How does it do that? – Wynter

Because the magnet got something in here and it magnet stuff. It just sticks to this, this, nope not this, and this – KaeVon

DSC00118 DSC00132 DSC00165

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Music & Sounds

We have enjoyed exploring different sounds and instruments used for each sound. We hope to take this investigation further and visit the Children’s Museum music room located inside of Playscape.

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