Old Into New

As Hunter and Ms. Melanie worked to remove old paint from one of their classroom tables, they wondered how they could “re-beautify” it once they had finished. After a brief discussion, they decided to use the table top as our surface for tall painting. With this, acrylic paint is watered down and poured, creating a marbling effect when the colors run together. We look forward to seeing what the new table top looks like once it dries and becomes a permanent fixture in the classroom!




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Caterpillar Friends

The children in Room 3 at our Thompson Building have been eagerly awaiting their caterpillars to transition into butterflies! In the last few weeks, caterpillars have been brought in from outside and kept safely in the classroom. The children have been patiently observing them as their cocoons hung from their cages. In support of their caterpillar friends, the children have been creating clay caterpillars and cocoons while watching and learning about the transformation process. On Thursday, the first caterpillar hatched from its chrysalis into a beautiful Monarch!



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Painting with... Car Parts!

In continuing their car project, room 3 of the Thompson building has been collecting different car parts that have been donated to their classroom. Today, we took some of the parts and used them for “print-painting”, which allows some of the textures and patterns of the equipment to be transferred to canvas. The children enjoyed drawing with bolts, rolling a tire across the surface, and using a sort of exhaust pipe to make circles and other patterns. As investigations such as these continue, we hope to spark conversations about all of the different parts of a car and develop recognition of what the children are observing!




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Car Photography!

Today, the children of room 3 at the Thompson building took a short walk around their surrounding community so as to find and photograph cars! The children noticed some different things and even thought to make comparisons to the cars of friends and family!


Moises: It’s gold.

Iker: It looks like gold ‘cause here (dirt).




Lyla: They bought ‘em… the people who work here.

Iker: I like that truck.


Iker: Because it *vrooooooooms*!


Lyla: We down here (canal) and there ain’t any cars.


Lyla: I like that one. My mommy bought it. That’s her car.



Bailey: I like this car ‘cause it’s white like my gramas! All these cars need to get gas at the gas station.




Bailey: They are all the same car.

Annika: They have this (chord)

Bailey: It’s a ‘GS’ car ‘cause I know that ‘cause I’m smart.

Annika: They need to turn off and on.

Roderick: Yeah, for you need the car to go.




Bailey: It’s for to get gas. It’s a gas tank.

Roderick: The chord goes in there so it can charge.

Bailey: It’s a energy chord so it can go fast.

carphoto1.jpg carphoto3.jpg

carphoto4.jpg carphoto5.jpg

carphoto6.jpg carphoto7.jpg

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Clay Day!

The children of room 3 have been very interested in working with playdough and other adaptable materials, including dough used in baking, clay, etc. In support of this, we explored one type of clay with plans to investigate much, much more. This is in hopes that current interests continue to blossom. Experiencing new materials is always a good first step in making them bloom!!!

clay1.jpg clay2.jpg

clay3.jpg clay4.jpg


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Time in the Studio

Groups from Ms. Jennie’s class were invited to the studio where a provocation of natural materials awaited them. This was inspired by the works of Andy Goldsworthy, who sculpted and designed outdoors using many beautiful natural materials. While some were eager to participate, most of the children passed on this provocation to pursue other endeavors. The children painted, sorted different manipulatives, while participating in imaginative, cooperative, and parallel play. The children were also able to draw the patterns they had created! This was a very busy and explorative group. When the studio is being used as a multi-faceted space where children are free to accommodate their interests, it feels so alive and just… right!

20170912_092854.jpg 20170912_093027.jpg 20170912_095054.jpg

20170912_095216.jpg 20170912_095746.jpg 20170912_100606.jpg


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Fruit Salad

The children in Room 3 are continuing their interest in grocery stores! This week, they planned a second grocery trip. First, they decided they wanted to make fruit salad. Next, they created a grocery list of everything we would need. We walked to our neighborhood Marsh and bought our ingredients. The next day, the students were hard at work cutting fruit and mixing it together! They invited friends from other classes to come sample their recipe.

IMG_9748.jpg IMG_9749.jpg IMG_9751.jpg

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Working with Clay

The children in Room 3 have been excited about working with clay.  They have been using it to create items for our grocery store, Food and Noodles. (Here is a picture of Elijah with an ice cream cone he made). We also took some clay to sculpt the beautiful things we saw on our canal walk with Mr. Bryan.

Clay_Canal.png working_with_clay.jpg

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Food and Noodles

"Thank you for shopping at Food and Noodles!"


After our recent walking field trip to the neighborhood marsh, the children have expressed an interest in grocery stores. Elijah C. (5), rearranges our kitchen area almost daily to resemble a grocery store check-out line. The class decided to name the store, Food and Noodles.


The students have collected baskets to use as shopping cards, found papers to use as money, appointed areas for manager and cashiers, and utilized picture grocery lists to do their shopping.


grocery_store_day_2.jpg Grocery_store.png

IMG_0561.JPG zucchini.png

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Giant Seeds

The children in Room 3 have been investigating avocados. Miss Kelsey brought in a couple of avocado pits and challenged the children to find out where the giant seed came from. The students felt the pits, smelled them, and even cracked one in half. Miss Kelsey brought in a photo of a halved avocado. One of the children recognized it and exclaimed, "This is an avocado seed!" Only a couple of the students had tried an avocado before, so we took a walk to the nearby Marsh to buy some and do just that!

A few of the children liked the taste of the avocados. Most of them shouted, "It's SO slimy!"

Some of the children wanted to know if avocados are fruits or vegetables. We did some research and found out that they are fruits! We also learned how to grow an avocado tree from a seed. It's very different than any of the other seeds we have planted.

The children had the opportunity to use utensils to try to get the pits out of the slippery avocados. We are currently drying out some of our pits to attempt to grow!

 1.jpg 2.jpg 

3.jpg 4.jpg 

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