Foam Dough

This week in the classroom we are exploring our five senses.  Today the children made foam dough.  Foam dough is made out of “cream” and “powder” -Jasper Age 3.  (The “cream” is shaving cream and the “powder” is corn starch).  The children said it felt like snow and they could make snow piles out of it. They used 3 of their senses today:  touch, smell and sight.  They could touch and feel how the foam dough felt, they could smell the shaving cream and they could see what creations they could make.

IMG_0492.JPG  IMG_0494.JPG 


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Water Colors

In Room 3 at the Thompson location we have been exploring different types of paint.  Our friends enjoyed exploring water colors yesterday.  They liked how the colors changed on the paper.  They told us that it looked like “water” was being painted.  They figured out that the only way to get the paint on the paper was by dipping the paint brush in the water first and then the paint.  They were making pictures to hang up in our classroom for all of their friends to see. 


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Piazza Painting

The children worked together to create one large canvas to hang in the piazza.  The children used acrylic paints, squeeze bottles, cups of paint, markers, and brushes.  They really enjoyed it and it looks awesome!

DSC02156.JPG   DSC02157.JPG

DSC02163.JPG   DSC02164.JPG

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Making Paint

The children made their own homemade watercolor paints to use at family night.  They measured corn starch, corn syrup, vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring to make them.  They were really excited to make their own paint colors and even more excited for their families to use them.

DSC02116.JPG   DSC02123.JPG


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Avocado Exploration

We have enjoyed working on an avocado exploration.  The children were asked the following questions:

What is it or what do you think it is?

How does it feel  and smell? 

What does it taste like? 

The children were given the opportunity to squeeze, smell, taste and make a prediction on what the inside of the avocado looked like.  They also drew observational drawings of the avocado (whole and cut-open).

DSC01873.JPG   DSC01885.JPG   DSC01887.JPG

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Butler construction

The children took a field study trip over to Butler University to explore and observe a construction site for a garage that is being built.  They also looked at and drew observational drawings of other buildings that they saw while observing building at Butler.  We will continue to explore other buildings. 

IMG_1099.JPG   IMG_1109.JPG

IMG_1115.JPG   IMG_1116.JPG   

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Investigating Fall Produce

This week the children have been investigating pomegranates, green pumpkins, and orange pumpkins.  The children took guesses about the pomegranates and the pumpkins.  The children made predictions about what was inside of the them, what it would look and smell like, and what it would taste like.  They drew pictures of what they saw and discussed as a group what the fruits tasted like.

DSC01626.JPG   DSC01629.JPG   DSC01643.JPG

DSC01671.JPG   DSC01687.JPG   DSC01690.JPG    

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Buildings continued...

The children continue to research and explore buildings.  A small group of children went to the library to get books about buildings while another group of children took large and small blocks along with paint and an easel  to our parking lot and the field area to either build some of the buildings that are around our school or paint a picture of them.

DSC01381.JPG   DSC01389.JPG   DSC01392.JPG


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Discovering Buildings

We have been discussing buildings.  We took a walk on the canal to look for buildings because one of the children knew that there was a new building built there and he wanted to check it out.  He knew this because he and his family look for buildings (new, old, being built or torn down) on the way home to support the project.


DSC01367.JPG   DSC01369.JPG  

DSC01370.JPG   DSC01374.JPG

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Tall Buildings

We noticed that the children had been constructing tall buildings in the block area and noticing them when we go on walks around the neighborhood, so we began discussing what the children knew about them.  The children counted the windows on the buildings, named shapes that they recognized on the buildings, and did observational drawings of the buildings in downtown Indianapolis.

DSC01350.JPG   DSC01353.JPG   DSC01355.JPG



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