Walking Trips

Today, children from rooms 5 and 6 at the Gilliate building went on walking trips to some of the surrounding areas of our school. The children were asked to lead the way, deciding which direction to take us in. Findings were discussed as we tried to make connections between the things we found in our community, project work/investigations, and the familiarities in our lives.


Room 6 Findings and Quotes:

 The Geese…

 Avionna: I think they eating food and bread.

Jordan: And grass!

Zion: They’re eating.


YMCA Swim Park/The Slide…

 Arden: They built it.


Arden: The YMCA people.

Avionna: They built it by theyselves.

Jordan: Yeah, the people.

Zion: Get the pool then the slide then the stairs to go down the slide.


Art Installation: The Door…

 Abigail: Is closed.

Where’s the rest of the house?

Arden: Over there. *points to apartment buildings*


Landmark: Ms. Paula’s Garden

 Abigail: The flowers are right there.


Underground Pipe…

 Zion: There’s the other way out. Look what else I found… the sewer.

Arden: It’s for water.

Jordan: Water comes out of it from the rain.

Zion: Yeah, it comes out of the tiny hole.


Landmark: Soldier Memorial…

Jordan: They build it because they want to for that man.

Arden: They used construction equipment to dig it up.


By the “Tractors” (heavy construction equipment)…

Jordan: A man by the tractors. He got that part that picks up dirt.

Abigail: Putting trees.

Jordan: That part fell off the tractor and they can’t pick up no dirt.

Can they fix it?

Arden: No, ‘cuz there’s no workerman.

Jordan: The blue things for they working on stuff.

Zion: To make swimming pools (making connections!!!^^^)

Abigail: Tools.



 Zion: The garages! For putting cars in.



Room 5 Findings & Quotes:


Tritan Building…

 Jackie: It’s for climb up there and climb down.

Tim: When you die it’s for you supposed to come up. You go in there so you can come back to life.

Alyssa: It’s a restaurant.

Tim: Mr. Bryan, I like this ‘cuz it has the flowers.


Cars in the parking lot…

 Tim: Where the cars goin’?

Alyssa: They’re goin’ to get somethin’.

Tim: These two cars are the same color.



 Jackie: It says no kids can come in the police station.

Alyssa: It’s pointing down.

Tim: ‘Cuz it has these numbers.

Jackie: It says don’t go here or you go to jail.

Alyssa: That sign says stop!

Jackie: It says no more people go past here.

Alyssa: That one says lightning so we don’t get hurt.