Our class has been interested in water the last couple weeks. Where does it come from? What lives in water? What does water feel like? These questions and more will the topic of discussion for the next few weeks. While morning students were able to do a project with Mr. Bryan in the studio, our afternoon friends were taken on a walk to the Bridges. There, and on the way, we discovered water! 



At the provocation table, we found buckets of water and we investigated objects that floated and objects that sank. Some objects, like the magnetic tiles started out floating then sank once water was trapped inside. 


The next day, we found two buckets, one with hot water and the other with cold water. We experimented with ice, by putting it in both buckets. Some of the questions we discussed were: Did the hot water melt the ice faster, or was it the cold water? What can we do to melt the ice faster? 

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