Water Bottles

The children in room 3 at the Giliatte Building noticed their teacher, Ms. Candy, drinking from a water bottle.  One of the children asked “Did you paint that?” (referring to the picture on my water bottle).  I answered “No, but how do you think it got there?”  Another child said “They painted it”.  I asked “Would you guys like to paint a water bottle like this?”  The children agreed that they would like to.  I asked “What will we need to make a bottle like this”?  A child answered “Paint” and I asked “What else?”  A child answered “A bottle”.  We gathered water bottles and paint and had the children create their own design on the water bottles.  After the children painted the water bottles, they used various loose materials (beads, glitter, buttons, water, oil and food coloring) to create a sensory bottle.  They worked together to help one another pour the materials into the bottles.  This was a great activity to build social emotional, language and fine motor skills.




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