Watermelon fun!

The children in room 6 enjoyed exploring a watermelon. We started by doing observational drawing of the watermelon, talked about what we thought would be inside, how it would taste, cut it open and then tried it. 




What does it look like on the outside

Ivan- Purple

Adira- Green

Kalvary- Dark Green


What do you think it looks like in the inside?

Leah- blue

Major- blue

Kalvary- pink this like marker as she pointed to a light pink marker


What does it feel like?

Dylan- like a watermelon

Hayden- An acorn

Major- round


What will it taste like

Adira- good

Leah- good

Rylin- juicy


What did it taste like?

Leah- not good

Major- Juice

Kalvary- strawberries


What does it smell like?

Diego- good

antonella- good 


What was inside?


Little seeds

White seeds

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