What can wire do, make or say when it bends?

In the last two weeks, we have been exploring wire in a number of the classrooms.  Children have learned basic joining and shaping techniques while telling “stories” with the wire.  I have enjoyed hearing conversations jump back and forth between storytelling and telling the story of the language of wire.  Here is one clear example from Gilliatte:

Latisse: Why are you taking these pictures? Show me.

Ms. Elizabeth: I took a picture of Antonio very carefully sliding his bead down the wire.

Latisse: Oh.  Do it again, Antonio.  Let me watch.

Ms. Elizabeth: I took a picture of the strategy he was using to make sure the bead didn’t fall off.  I took a picture of the strategy you used to pick up the beads.

Latisse: You mean with this tool? I did have a good strategy with that!

Wire provocation

adding beads making shapes  wire sculpture