What Do We See In A Car?

Room 6 at the Gilliate building is beginning to study cars! Today in the studio, they looked closely at toy models as we discussed the details in what they saw… and could recreate in observational drawings. Asking the children to really look closely at their subject made for some awesome discussion, and beautiful work to boot!!!

What should we draw first?

Jaire: Wheels!

Which DETAIL are you drawing?

Nadia: I’m drawing the line on the door.

Isabella: Look at mine. It’s an umbrella sticking out for the back.

Alexis: I’m drawing the back, too. This is the roof and this is the door and the wheel. I’m drawing a Lamborghini!

Jaire: This is a brake.

Jamarion: I draw the back and the front and I have to draw the windows.

Nadia: I drawed the back. See? I made the bumps on there.

Rousy: I draw like a wheel and then this part and the wheel again.

Ashlyn: I drawed those wheels like you. My dog in the car.

Kaylee: I started with the wheels because I knew that was the perfect place to start. Then, I did the lines. I put the lines so it looked like the car. Then, I made the dots. And then, I did the windows and I picked my color.

cars1.jpg cars2.jpg 

cars3.jpg cars5.jpg

cars4.jpg cars7.jpg