Writer's Workshop... in the Studio!

Bailey: I’m ‘gonna use this (ruler).

Oh nice, what for?!

Bailey: It make a shape! I made the ‘B’ on it.

Roderick: I’m writing it for here for mommy. I need help… I can’t.

Well, what would you like your letter to say?

Roderick: I… I love my mommy.

Here’s how I would write that!


Arianna: You know I don’t know how to write, don’t you?

Emily: I can do that. I can make an ‘A’ like this. *writes in the air, Ari copies motion on her paper*

Arianna, I knew you could write!

Arianna: Yeah, it says I miss my mommy. I miss my my sissy and I love her so much.

Emily: Here’s my letter… I need it to write my mom’s name on it.

Skyla: I forgot to write my dad’s name and my mommy… and I have one sister and it says “happy birthday” for my dad.

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