Young Chemists

Today groups of children at the Gilliate building were introduced to new provocations of light… an extension on their continued interests. A home-living like area full of lights and light-interactive materials was set-up for them to freely explore. Most of the children were engaged in their investigations and enjoyed discovering how light interacts with everything around them. A part of the provocation was containers and glass bowls filled with colored water. The intention was for them to see how the color interacted with different light sources, but the children decided to take it in another direction!!! These vessels quickly became mobile and were moved throughout the studio so the children could add materials in order to make “potions”. This is a testament to a child’s creativity, and how new ideas can blossom, seemingly out of nowhere! At St. Mary’s… we welcome and will continue to foster these new ideas, along with the many more that are still to come!!! J


Brianna: The light is so cool ‘cause it’s cute and it’s shiny!

Why is the shadow moving? Can you catch it?

Isaiah: I can’t!

Anthony: Yeah, ‘cause it turned off and back on.

Michael: How do you turn it off (points to switch as if asking if that was it)?


Anthony: The light makes the water go up and down. It too full ‘cause I filled it up.

Desire: It’s a potion to drink for my mama.

Hannah: Yeah! We’re making potions. It’s for my dad to be, like, bigger! But it’s still tiny!!!

20170808_093717.jpg 20170808_095215.jpg 20170808_095230.jpg

20170808_095237.jpg 20170808_095528.jpg 20170808_095536.jpg

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